Why book a wedding celebrant in Lisbon Portugal?

Wedding Celebrant in Lisbon Portugal offer you the chance to have your ceremony in Portugal your own way.

Often services led by a Registrar are less than personal and are restricted by content. You have to follow the legal script  and your ceremony may not include anything that’s related to religion, or information about your journey to your big day. You now have an alternative for your Wedding Ceremony in Lisbon Portugal performed by our team of celebrants in Lisbon. Exactly how you would like it. Personal, about you, to your timing and your choice of location. No longer are you restricted by choice of ceremony! 

Gone are the days of one-size fits all. Weddings have become more about personal choice, and truly inspired by the couple and their life together. With so much choice out there now how to personalize your day, have you thought about how you would like your ceremony?

You can choose any location and any time to get married. You will have as much control as you want over everything to do with the ceremony (within the realms of legality). If you want to get married at midnight on a Sunday, you can do that! You can blend elements of both the registry and church weddings: we’ve done a wedding in 3 minutes but also done highly traditional weddings with biblical readings and blessings.

TOP 5 reasons to book Wedding Celebrant in Lisbon  for your wedding ceremony in Lisbon Portugal:

  • Experienced team with loads of ceremonies every year

  • Certified Celebrants

  • Multilingue Celebrants

  • Know how on Portuguese legal requirements 

  • Best recommendations for your wedding ceremony in Lisbon area

THE SCRIPT:  Our wedding celebrant in Lisbon will do the wedding script you dreamed of for your wedding in Lisbon. He/She is happy to discuss with you your ideas for your wedding ceremony and create a unique and customized wedding script for your wedding ceremony in Portugal.

THE RULES: Many ceremonies have strict rules and predefined scripts. Religious wedding ceremonies in Portugal have to follow the church and priest requirements. A civil wedding ceremony in Portugal can be very stressful due to the list of documents required for the legal wedding submission for your wedding in Lisbon. Your wedding celebrant from Lisbon can assist you with all these rules and help you with all the process step by step for your civil or Catholic wedding ceremony in Lisbon. Our wedding celebrants’ team with their experience and background will make all the rules easy for you.

THE CEREMONY: It is still one of the most important parts of our wedding celebration in Lisbon, Portugal.

Traditional Ceremonies in Portugal can be celebrated by a register or a priest. A civil wedding ceremony in Portugal can be very “legal” and mention articles and laws instead of romantic quotes. The official register many times is not open or allows you do add vows or any personal touches to your wedding ceremony in Portugal.

Religious ceremonies will have to follow the church or temple rules which can be fine for some couples and  can be beautiful ceremonies.

But if you have always imagined adding your own personality to your wedding ceremony then your wedding celebrant in Lisbon is the right wedding professional to help you.

Your wedding celebrant in Lisbon will help you to combine or mix a symbolic with a civil or organize your Schedule so you can have the legal/formal wedding ceremony and also the wedding celebrant you desire.

For your wedding celebrant in Lisbon, the main rule is to perform the script and ceremony you customized for your wedding ceremony in Lisbon, always being respectful and considering the legal or religious rules.

THE LANGUAGE: Getting married in a foreign country can have some language barriers and your wedding celebrant can assist you and do you a translator service to complement your wedding ceremony.

For a civil wedding in Lisbon, it is mandatory to have a translator between the couple and the register office, for the submission of the civil wedding process and the wedding day. Your wedding celebrant is more than happy to include these services in their wedding ceremonies packages.

For a religious wedding, most of the times the church has their secretaries that just speak Portuguese. Your wedding celebrant from Lisbon wedding celebrants’ team is glad to help you book the church, speak with the priest and check if the parish priest can do your wedding ceremony in our language or at least make a bilingual wedding ceremony script.

To sum up, having a wedding celebrant is a great idea for you to understand completely all the processes you need to book, prepare and do your wedding ceremony in Lisbon.

THE CREATIVITY: Again, wedding ceremonies are a key factor for the couples and their families and they don’t want to be another boring moment full of civil articles or biblical passages.

Having a destination wedding is the purpose to be different and offer your wedding guests fun and good wedding moments in Portugal.

From the beginning to the end. From wedding ceremony to the Party.

Your wedding celebrant in Lisbon can make it happen.

We can share with you many creative ideas for your wedding ceremony in Lisbon. Just ask and share with your wedding celebrant your desires.

If it doesn’t overlap the legalities or religious boundaries then you can do with your wedding celebrant a unique, fun, more classical, different, irreverent wedding script for your wedding ceremony in Portugal.

From the sand ritual to singing the most amazing songs for all your guests. There is no restriction for your wedding celebrant in Lisbon to accomplish and perform the wedding ceremony you have always wanted.