Gone are the days of one-size fits all. Weddings have become more about personal choice, and truly inspired by the couple and their life together. With so much choice out there now how to personalize your day, have you thought about how you would like your ceremony?


You can choose any location and any time to get married. You will have as much control as you want over everything to do with the ceremony (within the realms of legality). If you want to get married at midnight on a Sunday, you can do that! You can blend elements of both the registry and church weddings: we’ve done a wedding in 3 minutes but also done highly traditional weddings with biblical readings and blessings.

Often services led by a Registrar are less than personal and are restricted by content. You have to follow the legal script  and your ceremony may not include anything that’s related to religion, or information about your journey to your big day. You now have an alternative - Your Wedding Ceremony performed by one of our Wedding Celebrants. Our Celebrants offer you the chance to have your ceremony your own way. Exactly how you would like it. Personal, about you, to your timing and your choice of location. No longer are you restricted by choice of ceremony! 

Garden wedding at Quinta do Torneiro in Lisbon