Sintra Weddings in Portugal

Sintra Weddings in Lisbon Portugal 

Sintra – the most Romantic Village for your Wedding Ceremony Portugal

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You will fall in love with Sintra! We do every day! 

Gorgeous mountains and romantic palace backdrops just marvelous for your wedding ceremony with your family and friends.

Sintra is a matchless village in Portugal.  With romance and fairytales in every corner. You will fell bewitched with the romance twist in the air.

Just 30 minutes away from the Lisbon center and Lisbon airport. Sintra is very easy to access.

Sintra has stunning palaces, and castles on their mountain wills and natural parks surrounding this small vila. It is encased in the UNESCO protected National Park of Cascais and Sintra.

Pena Palace may be the most famous castle in all of Portugal and one of the most visited in Europe. You have much more in Sintra – Castelo dos Mouros, Quinta da Regaleira, Sintra Palace and Monserrate Palace (our favorite one ). Those are just the well-known ones! It has a lot to see in this little town in Portugal.

Its where you connect with nature and with the ones you love the most  – friends, family, and your marriage to one another.  The mystic around Sintra is ideal for an intimate ceremony 

The goal of our Lisbon Wedding Celebrants’Team is to provide a romantic elopement package or a small intimate wedding ceremony: symbolic, civil, or religious.

Our stress-free ceremony packages are a way to offer you ease, fun time, quality photography, personal style, and a focus on marriage.

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