Scripts for my Wedding in Lisbon Portugal


Our team of Wedding Celebrants in Lisbon will ask you to fill in a questionnaire, containing all the requested information, your thoughts and plans. This will help us to provide you a professional and customised wedding ceremony script for your wedding in Portugal.  A personalised script is really makes your whole day more meaningful and puts the focus on your relationship. Additionally, in case you wish to have a non religious wedding ceremony within the marriage celebration, we will plan with you all the details. It can be a Sand ceremony, Wine Ceremony or Handfasting, Poems and Readings. Together we make the non religious wedding ceremony readings for your ceremony.

Often services led by a Registrar are not personal and are restricted in content. There are formalities and a legal script that have to be followed, having very little personal content. If this is your choice of ceremony you may wish to incorporate a personalized unity ceremony or find your own way to exchange vows.

Whatever your choice is you can now have your Wedding Ceremony performed by one of our Wedding Celebrants in Portugal. Our Celebrants offer you the chance to have your ceremony, your way. Exactly how you would like it. Personal, about you, to your timing and your choice of location. There are no longer restrictions to your choice of ceremony!