After booking your wedding venue in Lisbon you should start thinking about some of the wedding details for your destination wedding in Portugal to run smoothly.

One of them should be the wedding ceremony you want to have in Lisbon. Do you wish to have a civil, Catholic, Jewish, Hindu, blessing or symbolic wedding ceremony?

Many options are possible to organize your wedding ceremonies in Portugal.

However, you need to understand the one that fits better your budget, beliefs and timings.

Your wedding ceremony process will be much easier with a simple consultation with a Lisbon wedding celebrant team member. Your wedding celebrant in Lisbon will share with you the best options and explain to you what each type of wedding ceremony possible requires in terms of paperwork, contacts, and processes.


If you’ve chosen Lisbon for your destination wedding in Portugal and you’ve already booked your wedding venue and your wedding date for your wedding party in Lisbon, Portugal, it is now time to start thinking about the actual ceremony.

The quickest way is to send an email or contact our Lisbon Wedding Celebrant Team and they will be happy to receive your wedding ceremony request. After confirming their availability to perform your wedding ceremony in Lisbon you are set to start preparing the details of how you want to arrange your special day. 

We are available for your questions at :
You can share with us what you are looking for to celebrate your wedding ceremony in Lisbon. Some essential information you can send us in this email is your names; nationalities, wedding date ( very important), wedding venue and the wedding ceremony you wish ( if you have already picked one).


When our Lisbon wedding celebrants’ team receives your email or contact, they will reply to you with some questions, wedding celebrant fees and most crucial,  their confirmation of availability.

The questions will be about you as a couple and to understand better what you are looking for from our wedding celebrant.

Our wedding celebrants will share with you the different wedding ceremonies possible and explain in a summarized email what are the first details you should consider for a symbolic, civil or religious ceremony. They will explain to you the procedures and regulations for each one of them.

For example, if you share in your email ( step 1) you wish to have a legal wedding ceremony in Lisbon, your wedding celebrant will send you some relevant questions to be able to open your wedding file at the local Registrar’s Office.

he following information is very relevant if you wish to get legally married in Portugal:                    

– wedding date and ceremony time:? – nationalities of the couple:?

– If you are single/divorced/widower:?

– If you have children in common/ non common:?

– If you changed your birth name:?

You may not realize or understand why they are asking you all these personal questions. But your answers will make your wedding celebrant understand all the civil wedding process and wedding documents you will need to prepare for your civil wedding in Lisbon.

This is just one example. For each wedding ceremony, it is a different process.

So the second step is to share with your wedding celebrant: your couple Details, your wedding ceremony expectations and from that define the TYPE of Wedding ceremony you need your Lisbon Wedding Celebrant to assist you with.


One of the most stressful part of planning your wedding ceremony in Portugal may be to understand the full wedding process and rules your wedding ceremony in Lisbon may imply.

Very often the whole wedding ceremony process can be difficult to understand since you are having your wedding ceremony in a different country with different rules from yours. There is no reason to worry because the Lisbon Wedding Celebrant Team will be here to advise you in the best way possible.


The 3 first steps are done! You have contacted our Lisbon wedding celebrant team, shared your wedding ceremony details and have understood the wedding ceremony process? Don’t forget to ask for The Lisbon wedding celebrant team’s availability for your wedding day.

Now there is no need to worry anymore!

Ask for your wedding ceremony booking confirmation so you can secure you will have a Lisbon Wedding Celebrant. Book with us at the following email:


Your wedding celebrant is confirmed and booked.

Now the best part for you and for your Lisbon wedding celebrant begins.

The “making of” your wedding script.

Our Lisbon wedding celebrant will be more than happy to share different wedding scripts with you and give you some ideas that will personalize your wedding script.

You can like the first draft that is sent and just request some adjustments or you can customize your wedding script from the introduction to the pronouncement. It will be tailor-made for you!

Remember that you can be creative and that your wedding celebrant is open to new ideas, include new readings and perform an elegant wedding ceremony with both of your personalities in it.


In Portugal, it is not very common to have wedding rehearsals before the wedding.

If you decide for a civil wedding, the registrar will not be available for wedding rehearsals.

Some religious wedding ceremonies also do not require wedding rehearsals. ​ However, if you wish your Lisbon wedding celebrant can do one with you. A wedding rehearsal can be a great idea for you to relax before the wedding day, since a lot of the details were organized long distance.

A rehearsal may help you to review all the final wedding ceremony details with your Lisbon wedding celebrant and to understand how and when the wedding entourage enters and exits, for example.

Request a rehearsal from your Lisbon Wedding Celebrant:


This will be the easiest wedding ceremony step you need to take for your wedding ceremony in Lisbon. Wedding celebrants usually say that the bride and groom just have to show up because everything else has been taken care of.

Your wedding celebrant will print the wedding script, the wedding readings and if you wish also your wedding vows.

Our experienced team – Lisbon wedding celebrant will have everything ready for you. All you really have to do is just enjoy the moment because all the preparation has been done. This is your Big Day so make the most of it!