Can we have a Christian non-catholic ceremony?

Yes, you can request a Christian non-catholic priest/pastor with Lisbon Wedding Celebrant. Portugal does not recognize the non-catholic religious ceremony to be legal, so you would have to consider it as a symbolic ceremony. Have your Christian wedding with Lisbon Wedding Celebrant.

Can we have a catholic ceremony outside of the church?

The Portuguese catholic church does not allow catholic wedding ceremonies to be outside of the church grounds, Lisbon Wedding Celebrant usually recommends chapels or churches nearby your wedding venue so your guests don’t have to travel much.

What is a Symbolic ceremony?

A symbolic ceremony is when you choose to have a ceremony that is not legal nor religious, With Lisbon Wedding Celebrant you may build your script and have a symbolic ceremony with no documents or paperwork involved.

Why should we have a wedding celebrant?

A Wedding celebrant is someone that will assist you in building your wedding ceremony. Whether to help you with the legal documents submitted, even to advise with the priest or to guide you through the steps of building a wedding script. Lisbon Wedding Celebrant will make the ceremony process easy for you.

How should we build the script?

The construction of the script is a very important sept for your ceremony. First, you must check with your wedding celebrant suggestions for scripts. For example, how many readings should you have, if you should share vows? Build your script with our wedding celebrant to make sure you don’t miss any step.

Why do I need a celebrant for the civil ceremony?

For the civil ceremony, the person who performs it is the register officiant, although before the actual ceremony you must submit the documents and forms required. Lisbon Wedding Planner assists you with the documentation you may need, helps you with the translation of the documents and the civil ceremony is in Portuguese, so your wedding celebrant will be there to translate the ceremony for you and for your family and friends

Why have a civil and symbolic ceremony?

Most couples want a personalized wedding ceremony, with vows and readings and at the same time they wish to be legally married. In Portugal, the civil ceremony has a strick script so you cannot add vows or any readings. For those couples we suggest to have the civil + symbolic with Lisbon Wedding Celebrant so you can have both legal marriage and personal ceremony.

Can I get legally married in Portugal?

Yes, you can get legally married in Portugal and request an international certificate afterward. You may need to consider the paperwork submission and translation of the documents. Lisbon wedding celebrant always assists our couples with the submission of the papers and translation of the ceremony.

Where should the bride and groom stand?

The bride should be on the left side of the groom. The traditions say that the groom needs his right hand free to hold the sword to protect his bride. And of course the left side is the side of the heart! Your wedding celebrant will be there on the day to get you to the right side.

Should the couple sit during the ceremony?

We usually recommend a standing ceremony, if it’s not too long. If there readings or speeches that may take longer, we recommend two chairs in the front. But of course the choice is always up to the bride and groom and the Lisbon Wedding Celebrant will go with the couple’s request.

How many bridesmaids and groomsman should we have?

There is no set number for a bridal party, it is really up to the couple. In Portugal, the tradition is to only have a maid of honor and a best man, for example.
Another question that may arise is if the bridal party should stand or sit. Again it’s up to the couple to decide even though we usually recommend the groomsmen to wait at the aisle with the groom and sit after the bride arrives while others chose to stand during the whole ceremony.

Do we need to write our own vows?

Writing your own vows is a personal decision. You may want to write them and then memorize them or just say what you’re feeling at the moment. Some couples are so nervous that they prefer to just repeat the vows after the wedding celebrant so as not to make any mistakes. Lisbon Wedding Celebrant can assist you with this decision and help you write your vows or write them for you to repeat.

Do we need to share our own vows?

Sharing your own vows is a personal decision. You may want to write them, know them by heart or just say whats in your heart at the moment. Other couples are too nervous that prefer to share vows repeating after the wedding celebrant. We can assist you with building your vows

How many songs should be played?

The regular ceremony has 3/4 songs: 1 – bridal party entrance; 2 – bride entrance; 3- exchanging of the rings; 4- exit song. Some couples only have an entrance song for the bride song and an exit song. Your Lisbon Wedding Celebrant will be present to co-ordinate these musical moments.

Who should walk first?

The most common way is the groom to be waiting at the aisle with the groomsmen and the celebrant, first to enter is the flower girl/page boy, bridesmaids and the last one is the bride with her father on the right side. Some couples have chosen for the groom to enter with his mother on the side, while the groomsmen enter with the bridesmaids as couples.

Who holds the rings?

During the ceremony, the best man saves the rings until the groom or the wedding celebrant requests them for the exchange. The page boy can also have that job if you choose to have one, he will either deliver it to the wedding celebrant when he walks down the aisle or keep them until the moment they are requested.

Who holds the bridal bouquet during the ceremony?

Sometimes during the ceremony, the bride needs her hands-free, to hold the groom, sign documents or to give the ring. Usually it is the maid of honor’s job to hold the bouquet during the ceremony and make sure the bride’s dress tail looks good.