in just 3 single steeps

Often services led by a Registrar are less than personal and are restricted by content. You have to follow the legal script  and your ceremony may not include anything that’s related to religion, or information about your journey to your big day. You now have an alternative – Your Wedding Ceremony in Lisbon Portugal performed by Lisbon Wedding Celebrant. Our Celebrants offer you the chance to have your ceremony adapted to your own way. Exactly how you would like it. Personal, about you, to your timing and your choice of location. Just follow the 3 single steps below to have your Dream Wedding Ceremony in Lisbon Portugal.

You can choose your Wedding Ceremony Package listed below for your wedding ceremony in Lisbon Portugal. Find all the differences between the three types of ceremonies Civil, Symbolic or Catholic. You can have in Portugal also ceremonies for other religions, churches and venues just ask us and we help you to find all the services required. If you looking for just a Small Symbolic Ceremony in Lisbon Portugal on a picture perfect setting we have the Elopement Ceremony Package.

If you looking for a Unique Ceremony in Lisbon Portugal we recommend you the Beach Ceremony Package or the Garden Ceremony Package.

TOP 5 reasons to hire Lisbon Wedding Celebrant for your wedding ceremony in Lisbon Portugal:

  • Experienced team with loads of ceremonies every year
  • Certified Celebrants
  • Multilingual Celebrants
  • Know how on Portuguese legal requirements 
  • Best recommendations for your wedding ceremony in Lisbon area


Besides the mentioned services, we also provide mail order bride service for those who seek to marry beautiful Portuguese girls. With our assistance, you can meet a lady who will meet your expectations in terms of appearance, character, and life goals. As a result, you will be able to build a relationship lasting for a long time with a perspective to start a family and have kids. 

Portuguese Girl

To make it possible, we set up your profile in our database and ask you to complete a detailed questionnaire on your personality and your image of your dream woman. Then, we compare it to the existing profiles of Portuguese women in our database and start matching your personality to characteristics of single women from Portugal. Once it’s done, you will be notified about the potential dating options and invited on a date with ladies. 

Our service consists of the match-making process, and organization of your travels and dates with potential brides. We will help you with top places to see in Lisbon, tell you about the Portugal dating culture so that you could understand what Portuguese women are expecting of you. Your room and dining will also be booked by our company. If your girlfriend does not speak English and you don’t know a word in Portuguese, we will provide you with an interpreter to remove the language barrier. 

The price of this service is calculated individually and depends on the time you would like to spend in Portugal, whether you need an interpreter, where you want to live in Lisbon, etc. Please be informed that the visa expenses are not included in the final price. If you have any questions regarding this or other services that we offer, feel free to contact us through the feedback form on the ‘Contact Us’ page.